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According to a new survey, 17{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of Americans who attended college said this part of their experience was not worth it.


 Taking out a student loan


51{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of Americans who attended college took out a student loan and 34{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of them said it was not worth it. 27{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} still have an outstanding balance and 37{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} say they don’t think they’ll ever pay it back. I was fortunate that I didn’t have to take out any loans and we started a 529 plan for my daughter as soon as she was born. It looks like she’ll make it out of college without any loans either. But man! It’s expensive! Have you ever had a student loan? Do you still? Was it worth it?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: Romariolen/ Thinkstock