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According to a new survey of millennials, 81{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} say they are annoyed when their smartphone does this.


Rings with an actual phone call


81{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of millennials say they hate getting an actual phone call on their smartphones. The number one reason is that a phone call is too time consuming. The second most common reason has to do with the person who is doing that calling, usually someone the millennial is trying to avoid. I rarely answer a phone call on my cell phone (or home phone for that matter – yes! I still have a landline!) If my wife or daughter calls, I’ll answer but that’s about it. I prefer texting or some other type of messaging. Do you answer phone calls on your cell phone? Do they annoy you?

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: Astarot/ Thinkstock