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According to a new study, parents can influence their children’s taste in this only up through the age of ten.




Parents can influence their children’s taste in music only until about the kid’s 10th birthday. After that, the kid will start to discover their own music. That’s part of the reason there is a whole universe of music that appeals only to pre-teens – that’s when they start branching out on their own. By the time the kids are teens, they can start influence their parents’ taste in music, mostly because they are now controlling what everyone listens to. 82{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of father’s and 60{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of mother’s say they actively try to influence their kids’ musical tastes by playing them songs and artists they hope they will like. I didn’t really actively try to influence my daughter but she did have to listen to what I wanted to when she was younger. Now I listen to some of her favorites. Did you try to influence your kids’ musical tastes?

– Dave O’Brien