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According to a recent survey, Americans are expected to spend $6 billion on this this weekend.


Betting on the Super Bowl


Americans are expected to bet $6 billion dollars on the Super Bowl this weekend. Only $325 million of that is expected to be legal bets made through a legitimate sports betting facility. The rest are illegal bets made between friends, made through offshore betting sites or made by people in states that are not supposed to allow sports betting – like Indiana! We are not able to legally bet on things like the Super Bowl yet but may soon. Vegas has The Patriots favored by 2 and ½ points but there are plenty of other bets you can make besides just who wins. You can bet on everything from the anthem to the coin toss to whether or not actor Mark Walhberg will attend the game and whether or not a player will propose to his girlfriend on the field after the game! Are you betting any money on the Super Bowl this year?

– Dave O’Brien