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According to a recent survey, Americans are expected to consume 1.38 billion of these this weekend.


Chicken wings


That’s 700 million chickens! We’ll eat 1.38 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday, 14,500 tons of chips, 10 million pounds of ribs and 8 million pounds of guacamole. Americans will also spend $1.2 billion on beer, $1 billion on other alcohol and 30{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} more on pizza than a normal weekend. 24{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of us will be attending a Super Bowl party and 52{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of us say Monday should be a national holiday! 10{f08af400499f49ebebec43b71545de24d0cbb35d14a8bc084edd71717d793f40} of people have already planned to take Monday off. What are you doing for the Super Bowl this year (besides becoming an L.A. Rams fan for the day?)

– Dave O’Brien


Photo Credit: KucherAV/ Thinkstock