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The odds of having one of these is one in 9.2 quintillion. 


A perfect NCAA Tournament bracket


Is that even a number?!? 1-in-92 quintillion? I’ll take those odds and fill out a bracket every year! A professor from Duke University claimed a couple of years ago that the odds are actually closer to 1-in-24 trillion because of the team seeding that makes your picks a little more possible. The professor argued that no 16 seed had ever beaten a number 1 seed so you had four guaranteed picks every bracket. Then my number one seeded Virginia Cavaliers went and lost to a 16 seed last year and blew up that theory. I’d like to think Virginia lost just to disprove a theory from a Duke professor because, well, you know, Duke sucks. Whatever the odds are your bracket is busted and the person who picked teams based on the mascots is going to win your pool!


Photo Credit: master1305/ Thinkstock