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Dierks Bentley wasn’t expecting to add another dog to his family, but he couldn’t resist Goose! C’mon… just look at his sweet puppy eyes!

It was meant to be that Dierks was on the TODAY Show this morning. He visited The Artist’s Lounge to talk about his upcoming Seven Peaks 3-Day Camping/Music Festival in Colorado, The Burning Man Tour, and how he balances that life with his wife, 3 kids, and 2 dogs. Little did he know, he’d be leaving with another addition to his family!

Earlier in the show, Dierks met some shelter dogs and had a connection with one in particular. Dierks was on the phone with his wife in-between commercial breaks and the adoption paperwork was drawn up. “So Jordan and Knox and Evie, this is your mom’s birthday present…” Dierks said while holding Goose. “We already have two adopted dogs….I just feel like this might be meant to be.”

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And it didn’t take long for Goose to make his first Hot Country Knights appearance!

Photo Credit: TODAY Show / Video