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Chicken Fried singer Zac Brown filed for divorce from Kelly Yazdi just four months into their marriage, and things have gotten messy. Kelly Yazdi, who was only married to Zac for a short time before he filed for divorce, has now spoken out after a temporary restraining order was granted against her.

Yazdi took to Instagram to share her side, accusing Zac of “narcissistic abuse.” In response, Zac filed a restraining order, which a Georgia court granted. Yazdi wrote on TikTok, “No one – not even Zac Brown with all of his money, power, celebrity, and lawyers – may silence my right to freely express myself through art or, although I have to date declined to do so publicly, to speak about the circumstances of our pending divorce.”

She plans to fight back against Zac’s claims that she broke a confidentiality agreement by posting poems on her social media. “I intend to respond swiftly and robustly to his meritless complaint that publication of two poems on my personal social media account divulged any ‘confidential information’ about his business,” she wrote.

Zac had filed for the restraining order and other legal actions citing “several past and threatened violations” of a confidentiality agreement that Yazdi signed. “After much deliberation, I took the steps necessary to enforce an agreement between us to maintain personal and business affairs in confidence and to protect my family from online harassment and speculation,” Zac’s rep told Fox News Digital: “My only hope is for us to keep private matters private and to move forward with the mutual respect we had agreed to show one another when we parted ways.”

The court’s restraining order means Yazdi must remove the Instagram posts that allegedly broke their confidentiality agreement. Yazdi hit back, calling it ironic that Zac released a music video mocking their wedding party and filed a public lawsuit while claiming he wants privacy. “It is beyond ironic that Zac’s first act after filing an unnecessary public divorce lawsuit was to release a music video that deliberately mocked our wedding party from only a few months before… yet he now claims his ‘only hope’ is that we show each other ‘mutual respect’ by keeping ‘private matters private’ as we negotiate the terms of our divorce,” Yazdi wrote.

She added, “I have made no public response to either of those very public, very unnecessary personal attacks on me by my celebrity soon-to-be-ex-husband,” but emphasized that Zac’s efforts to silence her won’t work.

Zac and Yazdi announced their divorce in December after a brief marriage. “We are in the process of divorce. Our mutual respect for one another remains,” they said in a joint statement to Fox News Digital. “We wish each other the best and will always appreciate our time together. As we navigate this personal matter, we simply request privacy during this time.”

Before marrying Yazdi, Zac was married to his ex-wife Shelly for 12 years.