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Source: Morgan Wallen / facebook

Line em’ up line em up! Nashville is about to witness a new addition to its vibrant downtown scene. Speculations have been rife for months that Morgan Wallen, might soon lend his name to the luminous array of establishments that line Broadway. Recently, the Nashville Business Journal unveiled what can be regarded as one of the city’s most open secrets: Morgan Wallen is poised to introduce his very own bar in the heart of Music City.

Situated just off Broadway in Nashville, the bar’s anticipated location at 107 Fourth Avenue N. is causing a stir of excitement. Nestled beside the illustrious Ryman Auditorium and neighboring Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, the space has long been a parking lot until it underwent recent construction transformations. Notably, TC Restaurant Group acquired the property in 2022, a significant investment amounting to $10 million.

According to insiders and the buzz circulating within the city, the forthcoming establishment is slated to occupy a six-story edifice. Envisioned within its walls are echoes of live music that Nashville is celebrated for, complemented by an inviting rooftop bar. The plans also encompass a gift shop, a testament to the memorabilia-rich culture that envelops this genre of music, along with multiple bars to cater to the diverse preferences of its patrons.

At the helm of TC Restaurant Group, a reputable entity known for managing artist-themed bars along the iconic Broadway strip, the conglomerate’s portfolio boasts illustrious names like Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, Luke Bryan’s 32 Bridge, and Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa. While neither Wallen nor the restaurant group have publicly acknowledged the report, the anticipation surrounding the bar’s potential launch remains palpable.

It seems only fitting that Morgan Wallen would forge a partnership with TC Restaurant Group to bring his bar concept to life, given the group’s affiliations with several fellow artists. This strategic move aligns with Wallen’s close ties to the community and his alignment with other musicians, making the collaboration a natural progression. Fueling the buzz is the steady stream of rumors circulating for nearly a year, which have found their outlet on platforms like TikTok, where enthusiasts have diligently tracked the construction’s evolution.

Considering Wallen’s known inclination to frequent Broadway, it’s hardly surprising that he aspires to contribute to the district’s allure by establishing a bar of his own. The prospect of him finding his way to his own establishment when he graces downtown Nashville with his presence adds an extra layer of excitement to the venture.

One can only hope that Wallen’s new pursuit brings him the creative satisfaction and community engagement he seeks. With a dash of humor, fans and onlookers are quick to jest that Wallen’s future bar escapades might be better navigated with a touch of caution, alluding to his popular hit “Leave the Night On.” Amid the jest, there’s an underlying sentiment that echoes the song’s chorus, playfully urging Wallen to “leave them Broadway girls alone.”